Luis Miguel Martín Berlanas

This is " Luismi " the runner. " Luismi " Martin Berlanas has been running with passion for more than 30 years. In the dictionary his name and photo should be next to the word passion , passion for running, a passion for training, passion for freedom that provides running in roads , track, asphalt, gym belt , or even a bike , who cares. For Luismi the important thing is to move , the important thing is to get tired , the important thing is to find in physical activity as a way of life , reflection , physical and mental health, a way to meet people that share the same precious values that provides sports and physical activity.

In his career life " Luismi " has passed through all possible phases and has always given the maximum that he could achieve at all times. Overcoming obstacles has always been its leitmotif and now , far from the high competition , far from the big finals of Olympic´s , World Championship´s or European´s , follows the same path transmitting his passion and knowledge to anyone who is interested in learning it.He's a runner, nothing else, a guy who enjoys getting exhausted in search of a healthier lifestyle .

Marc Roig Tio

Marc Roig Tio, a son of a marathon runner and a physiotherapist by training is among the best Marathon runners in Spain in recent years as demonstrated by his recent achievements. In 2011 Barcelona Marathon, Marc finished the race at 2h 18'm and he was among the first none African runners to finish the race. In August this year, he finished third in the year 2013 edition of the Helsinki Marathon. Furthermore, he is a multidisciplinary sport man who achieved successful results in various competitions.

Marc is “different” not as such in his way of ruining and training but in his way of understanding life and confronting challenges. For instance some years ago he decided to go and train with the best athletes in Eldoret, Kenya to improve his performance without prior knowledge about the area and the culture. All these qualifies Marc as a perfect Ambassador for Run in Africa´s "High Altitude Training”. He will be the first Spanish athlete realize a high altitude training in Ethiopia with Gebregziabher Gebremariam to bring down his marathon register to 2h 15m in the next edition of the Stockholm Marathon .

For run in Africa, Marc is a Kenyan from St. Pol ( his home town ), and he is our first ambassador for high altitude training and we are confident about his professionality in developing and promoting it.