Minimum package

This package is prepared considering sufficient time needed to adapt to the high altitude and it has duration for 17 days which includes an intensive coached workouts and guided running sessions at an altitude of 2500m and above in selected spots where most Ethiopian elite athletes train.

Outside of the training sessions and resting time, we organize short excursions in and around the training areas so that the runners will explore and enjoy the main cultural, historical and natural attractions in Ethiopia. We will also organize training sessions and visits to Assela and Bokoji, the towns of runners, so that participants will have the opportunity to know the history and life most Ethiopian champions by visiting their schools, training routes, etc.

Up on booking we will provide a full training program designed by our senior professional coaches who has ample experience training some of the Ethiopian elite athletes. The training sessions will be tailored to meet individual needs while giving each runner a unique and genuine experience of training at high altitude following the techniques used by most Ethiopian elite athletes.

Standard itinerary and price

Day 1: Arrival in Addis Ababa. You will be welcomed at the airport by Run in Africa Sport Travel staff and transferred to your hotel for check in.

Day 2: Rest, orientation session, and a guided workout.

Day 3-5: Training in Entoto Mountain and Megenagna forest where most elite Ethiopian athletes train (detailed work out session will be provided for each participant depending on their condition and capacity).

Day 6-12: Training a in Sululta YAYA Village High Altitude training center. There will also be a workshop on the Ethiopian way of running.

Day 13-15: Training in Assela and Bokoji
  • Visit the home town of most Ethiopian elite athletes (school, family house, etc)
  • Visit Tirunesh athletics center and participate in a training session with young athletes.
Day 16: Travel back to Addis Ababa and train in Sululta High Altitude training center.

Day 17: Fly back to the country of origin.

What does the Service Package include?

  • Airport transfer and baggage handling
  • Full accommodation
  • Transport service during tour and training sessions and travel outside of Addis Ababa
  • Four Massage and spa sessions
  • Training and orientation on highland running
  • Guide service during the training sessions
  • Professional Coach Support
  • Access to gymnasium
  • Basic medical support in case of injury
  • Basic travel insurance


  • 2,000 € per person excluding international flight. There will be a significant discount for participants coming in groups (3 and above members)

    Per person.
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