Albert Mari

My experience with " Run in Africa " in Ethiopia has been one of the best things that have happened to me in my life and I recommend it to anyone who likes to run and travel.

What I assumed to be a short stay with a lot of workouts and running, and a littel bit sightseeing became a complete journey full of training , running , tourism, and personal experience .

First, you have excellent guides who are always with you to help as required giving you the " freedom " in your moments when you wish, and to schedule the desired training.

This section has also assigned personal trainers that are excellent and accompanying according to your needs with multiple routes for each distance and the town in which you are.

On the other hand, Ethiopia is presented as a new touristic country and the people are very calm at all times. Iddition they always treat you with great care and sympathy because athletics is the "national" sport. Besides, the food is excellent ( the fruit is delicious ! , Also the meat and pasta )

Finally, talking about my visit and stay in Yaya Village the High Altitiude Training Centre in Addis Ababa which allows you to share your stay with renowned champions of various distances and countries. For example in my case I met an Olympic champion , third best European in 1,500 meters and a Danish guy, seventh position in the world ranking of 800m and so on. All of them talking about athletics and you will find yourself in the midst, with an open mouth and enthusiasm to hear professionals discussing about your favorite sport .

francisco urbano

Francisco Urbano sales is an Athlete from Club Cuevas de Nerja. He started to run and compite one year and half ago , his first half marathon in Marbella had only 40 days training and he made 1h: 20m Since then he has trained with some of our elite athletes and it has dropped its register to 1h: 15m .His coach Miguel Quesada recommended a few days of training at altitude and he contacted Run In Afrcia trough Facebook to participate in a stage of high altitude training , these are his words:

" The experience was unforgettable , is the ideal place to train , spectacular scenery , super nice people, I met with many international athletes and shared laughter and training with them and with local athletes , I get memories for a lifetime , as meeting Gabremariam and the coach of Bekele and Dibaba Turunesh in the village of Bekoji .

Yaya village is a paradise for athletes and super attentive service and our running guides Egene and Benche were very friendly . Last night we were invited to dinner at a typical restaurant in Addis .Definitely an ideal place for all kind of athletes and fans of running that should go at least once to know what it means to live and train with them and that is what I will to do in November to re- experience those feelings "